How to choose the best colours for your bedroom?

How to choose the best colours for your bedroom?

Regardless of whether we are morning birds or a night owl, we spend 6 to 8 hours in the bedroom, which is almost a third of our entire life. An attractive colour palette will put you in a blissful mood and make it easier to fall asleep in the squeaky attic and make the mornings in a small space no longer a sad return to reality. The best colour for the bedroom – which one to choose to bring out all the charm of the interior?

What bedroom colours should you choose?

It is widely known that colours affect our mood. They can calm us down or stimulate us, some make us feel better and others irritate us. Arrangement and colours of the walls in the bedroom should primarily affect good relaxation at bedtime.

For this reason, not all colours will fit into this room. For example, a vivid red or intense orange may stimulate us too much when we want to fall asleep quickly, and when applied in excess may even irritate and cause aggression. This doesn’t mean, however, that in the bedroom we must completely give up intensive colours.

Vivid colours in the form of additives in the bedroom is an ideal solution when we decide on a neutral base colour. When choosing wall colours for the bedroom, it is definitely worth to pay attention to their influence on our mood, as well as to be guided by Individual preferences.

What colours will be best for the bedroom?

The best bedroom colours that will have a relaxing and Calming effect on us are light and neutral colours such as shades of white, grey, beige and blue. On some, however, darker colours such as deep navy blue, dark green and chocolate brown have a more Calming effect. In the case of bedroom paint colours, it is worth focusing on cold rather than warm colours, because they naturally make us drowsy.

On the other hand, with cold colours you should be careful and do not use them in excess. A cool blue bedroom can become unpleasant, so blue walls as a base should be broken with accessories in warm colours, e. g. beige pillows or curtains. A good idea is also a green bedroom, in which we should not have problems with relaxation and quiet.

It is best to choose a darker shade of green, e. g. a deep emerald, but avoid intense pea and pistachio colours, which may unnecessarily stimulate rather than set the mood for sleep. The ideal colour in the bedroom would seem to be red, which symbolizes love.

With such an intense colour, however, it is better to be careful. To avoid the effect of excessive excitement and nervousness, red should be dosed – preferably when it appears on one of the walls or in the form of additions that will harmonize well with elements of the decor in cool shades. Love is also symbolized by the pink colour.

However, in order to prevent the pink bedroom from becoming too infantile, it’s worthwhile to combine this colour with a bit more decisive colours, such as grey or black. The recommended bedroom colour is also violet. Associated with mysteriousness and spirituality, it ideally puts you in a calm mood before bedtime.

bedroom colours

Violet in the bedroom can occur in a delicate or intense version – but in the second case it is worth to use it in moderation.

What colours to avoid in the bedroom?

Colours that do not have a calming and relaxing effect on us, i. e. any intense, Stimulating colours, are not the best choice for the bedroom.

Therefore, it’s better to avoid yellow and orange in this room. Both colours have Stimulating properties and while in the bedroom accessories they will work well as elements warming up the interior, they will not be the right base. Yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism and energy, so it is ideal for the living room or kitchen.

In the bedroom, you should also Carefully use pastels, which can give the interior a too infantile character. They will work well in a child’s room, much worse in the bedroom of an adult. However, if you decide on a pastel pink or violet, it is worth taking care of slightly more catchy accessories, e. g. in black.

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