Looking for a change in your bedroom? Check out the Hamptons style décor

Looking for a change in your bedroom? Check out the Hamptons style décor

A casual style with just the right amount of sophistication and elegance, full of warmth and Coastal vibes, with a variety of bold and distinct trinkets. That’s the Hamptons style: originating from the waterfront holiday houses in The Hamptons, Long Island, New York.


The white walls of the interior and the light furniture upholstery should be contrasted with colors alluding to the Coastal vibes. Navy blue, azure, bottle green, or pastel pink are the main colors that will perfectly match a Hamptons style interior. Keeping in mind the size of the bedroom it is however important to be moderate with decorating and Not to overwhelm the space with too many ornaments.

How to add more color to the bedroom? Decorative cushions, soft blankets, ceramic table lamps, ornamental photo frames, or candlesticks are all perfect options. They will easily bring more Subtlety into the bedroom, as well as coziness.


The most important element of any bedroom, not only a Hamptons one, is the bed. It determines the quality of the rest. A Hamptons bedroom should include a heavy, wide, wooden, Colonial king-size bed. A forged iron bed or a wicker rattan one are perfect alternatives for smaller bedrooms, in which a big Colonial bed could be too space consuming.

Any of these beds will look good regardless of the room size, provided that the whole bedroom is decorated according to the Hamptons style and all the elements of the décor match each other.

Trinkets and Ornaments

Of course, the Hamptons style is obtained not only because of the right furniture, but also – maybe even most importantly – because of the right decorations. The Hamptons style is full of Coastal vibes so any trinkets collected by the beach can add a nice touch to a bedside table or a chest of drawers. A jar filled with seashells and fairy lights will easily add a Hamptons touch to the interior.

Another idea is to turn one of the bedroom walls into a Photo gallery with pictures of marine life, such as starfish, sea snails, or octopuses.

And it’s good to remember about mooring ropes and ropes in general. They can be easily turned into decorations, holding pennants or photos. Or they can be also turned into chair pads or various baskets.

hamptons style


Rugs are another thing that can really highlight the best in a Hamptons bedroom. However, it is important to consider the size of the space and avoid rugs that can seem unproportionally big and overwhelming. Smaller rugs put somewhere near the bed will be a good choice – and they will make getting up from the bed every morning much more pleasant. The rug has to match the interior, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be plain. A Subtle pattern can look nice and make the interior seem more interesting.

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