How to choose the best bedroom mattress?

How to choose the best bedroom mattress?

Life is all about making choices, and one of them is deciding how to choose the best mattress.

There is no clear answer to that question, each of us is unique and has their own preferences. No other home-related purchase is going to have such a big impact on our daily well-being and health as choosing the mattress for Sleeping. It’s what allows us to wake up every morning well-rested and with a smile on our face to go out and keep being successful.

A good mattress – why is it so important?

Everyone who at least once woke up without enough Sleep, with aching back or neck and after spending many hours in Bed to boot should think about the issue of choosing the best Bedroom mattress. Plenty of people focus on Buying a wide, fancy, designer Bed frame, while forgetting that it’s the mattress that plays the first fiddle in Bedroom.

  • A mattress of adequate width will ensure enough room for comfortable Sleep. It is especially important when choosing a wide mattress for two, because we have to not only take our own comfort into account but also the fact that there will be someone else Sleeping next to us who also needs enough space.
  • A mattress with adequate firmness will allow the spine to relax and ensure a healthy Sleep.
  • A mattress made of the right materials will make dust mite allergies less burdensome.

What are the types of mattresses?

Out of the entire array of products of this type, we can list such options as one-sided mattresses – which means that only one side is intended to be used. Double-sided mattresses, on the other hand, are those that can be flipped over – in most faces each side has different properties, a different firmness level etc.

Initially, double-sided models were manufactured due to the general recommendation that mattresses were to be flipped over every three or six months in order to make them last longer. Older components, especially the foam, would often deform over extended use around the usual Sleeping spot.

These days, thanks to the use of modern materials, this problem no longer exists, and double-sided mattresses are used to diversify the Sleeping comfort for each of the sides.

bedroom mattress

The main innovation today is mattresses with as many as 4 different firmness levels, where the outer layer is not glued to the others, which allows us to move it to the other side of the insert on our own, thus creating as many as 4 different models of varying properties.

If one of the configurations isn’t firm enough for us, one possible solution might be Buying a coconut fiber pad that can be easily “installed” inside the mattress, which significantly increases its firmness and rigidity level.

Because of all that, we especially recommend double-sided mattresses, or modular ones where we actually put their components together on our own, to couples that significantly differ from each other in terms of weight and height.

Don’t make hasty mattress purchases

Don’t make a decision to buy just because the salesman was convincing, or because you liked it after spending 10 minutes on the test Bed. You’re going to spend several hours a day lying on a mattress. 10 minutes spent at the store is not enough of a test.

Especially that if your existing mattress isn’t very comfortable, every new one will feel comfortable in comparison. How much time do you need to spend on a mattress before making a decision? At least 30 to 45 minutes. Test, check, experiment. Wiggle and move around.

And if you’re Buying a mattress for a double Bed, you should also check out how the material transfers vibrations and if you rolling to the other side won’t sometimes cause the person next to you to bounce up and down like a ball.

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