When To Replace Your Pillow

When To Replace Your Pillow

Pillows are almost as important as your mattress

When did you last think about your bed pillows? If it’s been a long time or you haven’t done it at all, perhaps it’s time to take action. Why? Because when it comes to sleep quality, pillows are almost as important as your mattress. Let’s take a closer look the link between good sleep and your pillow and find out when to replace your pillow.

If your pillow is worn-out and you keep folding it up every night to get comfortable, it’s time to change it. Even if your pillow isn’t old and flat, you should opt for something better just for your comfort and support.
You deserve it! After all, you spend up to 2,500 hours a year sleeping! Read on how to find best pillow and when to replace the old one.

Pillows matter

A good sleeping posture is essential to sleeping well, night after night, and to feeling painless in the morning. The most important thing to realize is that your pillow helps to support a healthy sleep posture. What does it exactly mean?
Your posture is the line that your body forms, from the knees and hips, through the spine to the chest and shoulders, head and neck.
When your neck and shoulders don’t get enough support, or are supported at an angle that causes twisting or crunching, your spine and body are out of the line. This results in strain and discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and back and causes insomnia.

That’s why comfort and support are crucial in choosing the right pillow. The right pillow for you is the one that feels comfortable when you rest your head on it and supports your head, neck, and shoulders.

When should you replace your pillow?

Generally, bed pillows need to be replaced after 18 months. If you have a memory foam pillow, the period of time is longer, up to three years. Also, natural pillows usually last longer than synthetic ones. Higher quality pillows (which are quite pricey) last longer than inexpensive ones.

So if you haven’t changed your pillow for the last five or six years old, your body is not getting the support it needs and chances are that you’re not sleeping as comfortably as you could.

Test your pillow

If you’re not sure whether your pillow is still good or you should change it, you can do these simple tests.

Take off the pillowcase and take a closer look at your pillow. Does it have stains from sweat? Is it torn? Does it smell? If your answer is yes, it needs replacing.
You see, dead skin cells, mildew,mold, fungus, and dust mites (and their feces) all gather on your pillow. Over time, these unwelcome organisms can trigger allergies, interfere with breathing during sleep, and smell in a way that prevents you from sleeping well.

Next, perform the fold test. Fold your pillow in half. If it remains there folded and doesn’t spring back to its original shape, it needs replacing. If you have a natural fill pillow, you can do this test over your arm. Does your pillow hang down over your extended arm? If it does, time for a new one.

With a large pillow (natural or synthetic) fold it into thirds, rather than in half.
After the test, it should be clear whether your pillow requires replacing. Your next step is to choose a new one. How to do it? You can read our simple guide here.

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