10 Easy Interior Design And Decor Tips

10 Easy Interior Design And Decor Tips

You can make your house feel like a home without spending a fortune. A few colorful accents and a bit of paint or a little wallpaper can make a great difference in your house and it will only take you one day to tackle these home improvements. Here are 10 easy interior design and decor tips.

1. Move your furniture

One of the easiest ways of changing the look of your home is changing the arrangement of your furniture. To do it, you will actually need to think about your space in a completely different way. Additionally, if you move your furniture away from the walls and create the effect of „floating”, the seating will feel more intimate.

2. Reorganize your bookshelves

Try reorganizing your bookshelves by color. It will add a pop in the room and make your books stand out in a new way.

3. A patch of wallpaper

Choose a small section of any room and cover it with a patch of patterned wallpaper, especially if your walls are plain. It will definitely make a statement and freshen up the look of the entire room.

4. Paint something white

White color will give your interior a light, bright and airy look. You could choose high-gloss white and paint a piece of old furniture, such as a table.

5. Make bedding changes

It’s a good idea to own two sheet and comforter sets and change them by the season. Choose warm bulky blankets for fall and winter, and light and brighter bedding for spring and summer.

Design and decor tips

6. Incorporate a different style

If your living room looks totally traditional, replace one piece of furniture with something really modern. You don’t even have to buy anything new. Check out other rooms and look for inspiration there. The contrast of the styles will give your space a new vibe.

6. Art on a bookshelf

If you own a bookcase reaching from the floor to the ceiling, you could add an interesting look to it by hanging a piece of art in the centre. It only seems to ‘disappear’ among the colorful covers of the books, but it could be a fun change in the house.

7. Add an accent color

If the color scheme in your bedroom is quite tame, add a bright element, such as a throw on your bed and make it look fresh by putting some flowers in. It will certainly flip the scheme and make your bedroom look better.

8. Mix in a different pattern

Mix and match different patterns and make your bedding a little bit more playful. Don’t hesitate to try out patterns that usually don’t match. Choose fabrics and colors that go together and the new pattern will blend in.

9. Decorate the window shades

Use stick-on wallpaper to decorate vinyl window shades and give your room a new look. If you have plain walls, choose patterned wallpaper with bright accent colors. It will take you just a moment, but the result may surprise you.

10. Swap your chairs

If you have a set of chairs in your kitchen or living room, try swapping them for a few new ones in a completely different style. Mix nad match your wooden chairs with metal ones or your colorful plastic chairs with a few wooden ones.

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