How to hide radiators in the apartment?

How to hide radiators in the apartment?

There are plenty of ugly devices in our homes, but some are just necessary – like radiators. So let’s try to hide them from our sight without having to do a general overhaul.

Radiators in the hallway or the living room

How to hide radiators? The easiest way to camouflage the heater, e.g. in the hallway, is to attach a shelf above it. If we have a lot of space we can attach stylised table legs or a baluster to the shelf. It is a beautiful and very practical solution, which will let us gain additional space to store keys or letters.

A proven trick for hiding damaged radiators, especially panel radiators, are Decorative panels, i.e. special strips hiding radiators or cables. In construction stores we find a large selection of ready-made sets. Everyone will find something for themselves, and it is worth it to match it to the style of the apartment. We may also be tempted to make them by ourselves. Most often they are made of MDF board, but plywood will also do well.

Remember about the Ventilation, it’s a must! For this purpose, we can make holes, e.g. with a Forstner drill bit (for evenly spaced large diameter holes), or use ready-made grids. Classic interiors will look good with a MDF board additionally decorated with stuccowork painted in the colour of the board – it will look like a stylised chest of drawers.

Heaters in the children’s room

In the children’s room we can be a little creative. If your children are football fans and there is a panel heater in the room, stick insulating tape around it and draw thick, diagonal lines on it with a white pen. Kids will be happy to have a Football goal in their own room (but buy them a plush ball too!).

You can also use a piece of Wooden fence – a ready-made panel will be available in any garden shop. Choose the right size, trim it a little bit with a sharp-end abrasive paper (first use 60-80 coarse-grained paper, then smooth it with a smaller grit type, like 100-120). Fix it to the wall using steel equal angles.

This next idea will work best in the kingdom of a little princess, whose interior is in pastels, roses and blues. The white fence will look lovely there, and you can decorate it with cotton balls, grey tulle or yarn pom-poms.

Inside the small pirate’s bedroom or in the adult’s bedroom, decorated in a Rustic style, a wooden pallet will fit well. It should be properly cleaned, sanded and protected with varnish or wood stain.

How to hide radiators

When is it not worth it to hide radiators?

If you own cast-iron ribbed heaters, cherish them! Do not hide them, on the contrary – exhibit them. These radiators are now considered Very trendy and fashionable. It is enough to paint them with the right paint – any brand offers those now. Try a bit of extravagance – paint them poppy red or vibrant yellow, but make sure the walls are toned down, and when choosing furniture, stick to one chosen colour to preserve some minimalism. Eccentricity should be dosed, only then it is original.

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