All about mirrors. Where to hang a mirror at home?

All about mirrors. Where to hang a mirror at home?

Mirrors are an inseparable element of hallways, bathrooms and wardrobe fittings. It is in these rooms that you indulge in beauty and care treatments, and choose your outfits. For a long time, mirrors have also appeared in other rooms – bedrooms, living and dining rooms, where they perform quite different functions.

Hallway mirrors

In small and dark hallways, tall mirrors are perfect for viewing your entire figure. With limited space, they can be placed on the wardrobe door or the door to another room. Replacing furniture fronts is a good way to visually mask cavernous or built-in wardrobes.

Bathroom mirrors

For bathrooms, regardless of their size, it’s good to choose as large mirrors as possible. Don’t stick to the outdated belief that mirrors should match the width of the sink. Although this will not hurt the space, that way you will not unlock the object’s full potential.

Mirrors that are larger than a sanitary device are Functional and make the bathroom look more attractive. To optically enlarge a small room, you can place two large mirrors (models without frames will give a better effect) on two adjacent walls, thanks to which the space will double before your eyes.

Dining room mirrors

In bathrooms and hallways, mirrors have a primarily practical function. However, it’s worth considering them from a decorative perspective; only then will you find applications in other rooms. The mirror is an element that will Decorate the space and emphasize its greatest assets.

It’s a great idea to place a mirror on one of the dining room walls, opposite the window, above the dresser or on the table-top line. This simple trick will make the room appear brighter and more elegant. The chandelier reflected in it will additionally create an interesting atmosphere and a play of light effect.

Where not to hang mirrors? The most common mistakes

The mirror can be the icing on the cake when it comes to the arrangement of the living room and bedroom. When deciding on such a solution, before hanging the silvery pane, be sure to check what will be reflected in it and think about whether such a view satisfies you. Avoid placing many mirrors on opposite walls – except for a few justified cases (e. g. in a small bathroom) as it can give a strangely Overwhelming effect. If the mirrors are to be used mainly as a decoration, hang them so that you don’t see your own reflection at all times – i. e. at a height of 1. 5 m.


In the bedroom, the best place to put a mirror is the wall behind the head of the bed. It’s also an interesting idea to use mirrors on furniture fronts – chests of drawers and small walls.

Where not to hang mirrors? Mirrors in feng shui

Feng shui suggests which mirrors to choose for your home and where to hang them. Here are some basic rules:

  • Don’t create installations or galleries from several pieces of mirrors. Looking at them will make you will feel anxious and confused.
  • Mirrors should be positioned so that they reflect interesting views outside the window, plants, paintings and posters from the opposite wall. Thanks to this, positive energy will work in the rooms with doubled power.
  • Choose smooth, even and clean mirrors for your home. Those with a dirty or damaged pane, or reflecting a distorted image are believed to bring hypocrisy and deceit to their owners.
  • Mirrors in the hallway are a must-have, however, feng shui suggests not hanging them in front of the entrance – this is believed to make happiness fly off. If you want to accumulate wealth, be sure to install a large mirror in the dining room so that the image of the table is reflected in it.
  • Feng shui doesn’t like sharp edges of broken objects – if a mirror breaks, get rid of it. By keeping them in the apartment, you risk disrupting Family well-being.
  • Chinese philosophy doesn’t recommend keeping any mirrors in the bedroom – if the bedroom is shared by partners, mirrors can attract betrayal.


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