Moss wall – idea for an original wall decoration

Moss wall – idea for an original wall decoration

Moss wall is one of the current arrangement trends. Used in interior design, it looks very impressive and is still gaining popularity.

Moss wall

For wall decoration in offices, hotels, shopping malls and private homes, Cladonia rangiferina is used, which grows in the forests of Scandinavia and Greenland, where it is one of the main reindeer food.

The vivid lichen is light grey, but for decorative purposes it is impregnated and coloured in various shades of green and several other colours. This allows for easy adjustment of the material to the characteristics of the interior and creation of unique design details.

Moss decorations in practice

Moss can cover more or less of a wall. You can also create decorative pictures from it, or use it to decorate furniture or other interior items. It presents itself beautifully and doesn’t require any care. All you have to do is give it the right level of humidity (40-60%) and vacuum it from time to time.

Decorations made of reindeer furrow perfectly fit into modern, classic and retro arrangements. Greenery has a soothing effect on people and brings peace and harmony to the room. If we use dark green moss in the interior, we will feel almost like in the forest. Light green will make the space more energetic. And other colors will emphasize and diversify the style.

Moss application at home

Reindeer moss wall most often Decorates public spaces. It is very frequently used in recreation and leisure centres, SPA salons, hotels, conference rooms, offices, restaurants etc. However, this material is so graceful and practical in use that it’s also present in private houses and apartments. It can be purchased in the form of ready-made wall panels or ordered from a selected seller.

There are virtually no restrictions as to use. Decorative moss will be a great presentation in the form of a framed picture on the wall in the living room, will decorate the head of the bed in the bedroom and will add variety to the walls of the previously boring hall or hallway. There are no contraindications to invite this kind of decoration to the kitchen or bathroom (the material is resistant to moisture).

A wall covered with moss – how to do it yourself?

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task and does not always bring the expected results. But it is worth trying. You will need it:

  • moss (Cladonia rangiferina) – we will buy it in florist shops or at auctions and on the Internet; the amount needed is 7 – 7.5 kg per 1 m² of decoration (such a conversion rate is recommended by specialist service companies);
  • corkboard – we will attach moss to it ( measurements of your choice, but matching to the quantity of moss you buy);
  • frame for a board – if we want to create a decoration in the form of a picture;
  • floral glue, polymer glue, double-sided tape, scissors.

Fixing moss to a corkboard is theoretically simple, but in reality it requires precision and skill. Moss should be glued with floral glue in a layered and very tight way, so that the decoration looks good from all sides. It’s arranged in beams and in different directions so that the picture can take on a spatial form. If we leave gaps and material (e.g. on the edges) the whole will not look good. This is why it is so important to use the amount of the snuggle that seemingly could be considered too much. Once the moss is completely laid out, it should be cut at the right angle.

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