What is a sunroom and when does it require a permission?

What is a sunroom and when does it require a permission?

Winter is not the best season to conduct Construction works, but it is a great time to make a plan of something we dream of, like building a sunroom. It’s a good idea to consider a few things first.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is an additional interior space located alongside one of the house walls, usually made entirely of window panes and with an existing patio/deck serving as the base.
Modern sunrooms located on a patio or a deck serve many purposes, such as growing delicate plants or an extra lounge area.

East-facing or west-facing sunroom?

A sunroom should above all go well with the rest of the building. It is the best if it accentuates its character and adds to its exterior. Another important thing is its Location in Relation to the cardinal directions.

When it comes to proper air Circulation and quick cooling, the structures that face to the south require most attention. The advantage of that kind of Location is being able to grow exotic plants and flowers at home.


At the same time, if you’re planning to start an Orangery, you should avoid the north side: on top of the cold, another inconvenience here is light deficiency, although it can be “remedied” with a transparent roof. On the other hand, a structure located on the north side creates a perfect buffer preventing cold from getting inside during autumn and winter.

The most optimal way to build a sunroom is on the east or west side. Thanks to the moderate amount of sunlight getting inside, the sunroom can house both an afternoon leisure area and a morning dining room.

Building a sunroom: with or without a permit?

  • structures with an area above 35 m² require a permit from your local authorities;
  • for structures below 35 m², all you have to do is notify your local authorities; a plot of land sized 500 m² can have up to two structures built on it without a permit, provided that neither of them exceeds the area of 35 m²;
  • the most convenient solution is to add the sunroom to an existing house (although it requires a permit) or already plan it while building the house;

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