Through The Garden Gate June 2018

Through The Garden Gate June 2018

Solar garden lighting

Solar garden lighting is one of the main types of garden lights available for homeowners to purchase. Learn about what solar lighting is, as well as its many benefits before buying and installing outdoor garden lights. We pride ourselves in the selection of houseplants we offer – from swamp dwelling carnivorous fly traps & pitcher plants, to dry desert cactus & succulents – we strive to bring you the best & brightest blooming and greens there are. Working with local growers and greenhouses, we’re able to hand select (and special order) plants to suit your decor. Walking through our door thinking you’re afflicted with a Black Thumb? Talk with one of our plant specialists and leave here with the confidence that gardening is for everyone! We have two Master Gardeners and two School of Hard Knocks plant specialists that can assist you in choosing the right plant for your living space. January you can get an early fix with our seed starting supplies – everything from seeds to peat pots and grow lights. Starting in March, we start the season off with Pansies.. and from there the growing season is off with the addition of plant starts for your veggie garden, perennials & annuals, fruit plants, flowers, tropicals – you name it, and we’ll have it. The season winds down with mums, but our greenhouse is always in bloom! It’s easy being Green at Downtown Home and Garden!

Solar garden lighting

Spring Grove Soda

The hub of our store is known as The Breadbox – but it’s much more than just a place to make your purchases. In addition to catching up on the local chit chat, we’ll tempt you with a slice of coffeecake, scone, or muffin, and freshly brewed coffee. Where else in Ann Arbor can you get a small cup of coffee for $1 ($2 for a large, unless you saddle it with a pastry, then it’s also a buck!) In a bagel & cream cheese mood? We can help you feed that urge too! Don’t want to brave the hordes at Zingerman’s Deli just to get a loaf of bread? We can hook you up with a full loaf, half loaf, and can even slice it for you with our bona fide bread slicer. After a lengthy search for a cold beverage offering (some of us shouldn’t drink coffee, according to our coworkers) DHG is proud to offer Spring Grove Soda from Spring Grove, Minnesota. A quality, cane sugar soda, Spring Grove has been around since 1895, and as we all know, if you’re around that long, you must be doing something right. Have a sweet tooth craving? We’re happy to help you with that – Herman the German Candies are here! We also feature Ann Arbor locally-roasted coffee from Coffee Express , locally micro roasted beans from Milan Coffee Works , popcorn from Ann Arbor’s own Bur Oaks Farm , and local Dixboro Maple Syrup. We shop local whenever we can, and we hope you will, too.


Grow up our pergola

The Rocket is a $600, 13-pound tabletop rosin extractor designed to squeeze and melt the THC crystals present on the surface of the flower into a solventless dabbable hash similar to shatter Think of it as a panini press for weed. Though speculation over the true nature of Buddy and Pedro’s relationship continues, the African penguins will soon be separated and paired with females for breeding. This is a new addition, a Honeysuckle to grow up our pergola. It’s in a pot so I’m hoping it still manages to thrive, there are lots of buds waiting to burst into flower. This card waives the entrance fees to these sites for you. To contrast, a non-disabled annual pass can cost up to $80 per year. The disabled persons’ Access Pass is good for a lifetime, however, very easily adding up to a benefit of over $1,000 in an adult lifetime. This pass also allows you to waive the entrance fees for up to three guests. So if you have family, are in a wheelchair, have a caretaker, or just need a friend along with you for some light guidance, they are covered too.

Grow up our pergola home garden

NOTE: Our new site’s store locator is still being populated so not all stores are currently listed. Gazelle is probably the best known, and can give you an estimate on a number of devices, mostly from Apple, but also newer phones from other manufacturers. If you’re rocking an older Android device, you’re out of luck, but iPhone users can enjoy the benefits of selling even an iPhone 5 if they desire, though the payout will be as little as $15. You’ll get a check within 10 days, or you can get paid even faster if you opt for PayPal or Amazon, with the latter site yielding an extra 3 percent. So it piqued my interest that Costco had launched its own Korean skin care kit, The Case Full of Seoul , geared toward people who might be new to the 11-step Korean beauty routine that involves cleansing, toning, moisturizing, applying serums and masks, and more. But, to accomplish this, you’ll need to connect each of the lights to the shared solar panel through the use of wires. Participants were previously limited to candy bar or flip-style phones, but carriers are now starting to offer smartphones.


This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons. Other perennials: asters, balloon flower (Platycodon), bellflowers (Campanula), bleeding heart, bee balm, chrysanthemums, coreopsis, daffodils, daylilies, delphiniums, iris, lady’s mantle, lamb’s ears, lavender, lupine, phlox, primroses, salvia. With lots of wholesome veggies and meats on the inside, and the flaky pastry crust on the outside, what’s not to about English Pasties or Meat Pies. The announcement builds on state-specific bans on the manufacture, supply, storage and use of plastics that are already in place in at least 25 of the country’s 29 states. Most recently, on June 23, Mumbai became the country’s largest city to implement a complete ban on single-use plastics, from plastic bags to bottles and cutlery, as part of a statewide ban in Maharashtra. The ban allows exemptions for retail packaging, trash can liners and takeaway packaging, and further concessions were made to the ban on Saturday, reportedly in response to pressure from businesses.

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No place like home - it's hard to disagree. I design interiors and gardens for 5 years. I put all my heart into every project I create. I love modern, but at the same time warm, cozy houses and apartments. I can't live without flowers. I compose bouquets by myself and help others to arrange their gardens. I am a great dreamer. I live in a fantasy world. Harry Potter is my friend since I was a teenager.

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