Food Storing Tips

Food Storing Tips

How to make your food last longer and how to keep it fresh?

Do you ever empty your fridge and cupboards of rotten food? If the answer is yes, chances are that you’re making some common food storage mistakes.
Read our tips below and we will teach you how to make your food last longer and how to keep it fresh. It’ll help you stop wasting food and save money at the grocery store.

Some foods need to be kept in a fridge, some shouldn’t. The same is true for cupboards and all kinds of containers. Following our simple food storing tips will make you realize that you can easily stop food waste in your household.
Also, you will see how some foods can stay fresh for longer periods of time if you store them in the right way. But it’s not only a question of losing or saving money.

Eating fresh and well stored food influences your health to a great extent. So take a moment to read on and find out more about food storage.

Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts


Quite a lot of people store potatoes in the refrigerator. In fact, this can make them mushy and bruised faster than if they were kept at room temperature.
That’s why the best place to keep unpeeled potatoes is a kitchen cupboard or the pantry.

Storing them away from heat, cold and sunlight will prevent bruising and ensure the freshness of your potatoes.

Fruits and Veggies

It’s quite common to store all fruits and vegetables together, usually in a fruit bowl.
However, many of them emit or react to ethylene gas, which can actually make them rotten faster. That’s why different types of fruits and vegetables ought to be kept separately.


If lettuce is kept in a sealed plastic bag for too long, it can result in the leaves becoming soggy and slimy. To make sure your lettuce is fresh and crisp, keep it in a perforated bag or container where moisture can escape and the leaves stay dry.


Instead of keeping whole, unpeeled onions on the counter or in the refrigerator, which many people do, you should store them in a mesh bag in a cool and dry place (such as a pantry) or even in a basement.
Remember that too much moisture will make onions sprout and rot faster.


There is a popular misconception about storing avocados. Many people think avocados need to be stored in a refrigerator to make sure they don’t over-ripen. However, the truth is this can prevent avocados from getting fully ripened as storing them in a fridge keeps them too firm.

The best way to store an avocado so that it becomes perfectly creamy avocado is to keep it out on a counter or shelf until the outside feels tender.


The most common way to store nuts is to throw them into a plastic bag and into the pantry without question. However, it’s best to keep nuts in the refrigerator.
Since this slows the loss of natural oils, the nuts will stay fresher for longer.

Food Storing


If you usually store your fresh herbs in the fridge in a plastic produce bag from the grocery store, you’re doing it wrong! To get that sharp herb flavor, keep your herbs at room temperature and make sure they are dry.
Wrapping them in a paper towel and storing them in a plastic bag on the counter is the best way to keep your herbs fresh.


Warning: you should never store milk in the door of the fridge though it seems the most convenient! This actually exposes the milk to higher temperatures every time you open the door, which can cause it to spoil quickly. So if you aren’t a big milk drinker, keep it at the back of the fridge.

Raw Meat

Raw meat packages can leak, which can contaminate any other foods that touch them. The best solution is to keep the package on a plate on one of the lowest shelves in your fridge.
It’s easier to clean if the package does leak, and it reduces the exposure to warmer air, which helps to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.


Putting bread loaves in the fridge, which is a popular practice, can in fact result in bread getting stale faster because it crystallizes the starch molecules.
That’s why, storing bread in a covered place at room temperature will keep it softer for longer.

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